The Lunch order for January 3 to February 2 is due Monday, December 18.  The cost is:  

Lunch with milk      $66.00 

Reduce price            $ 8.80 

Milk only                   $ 6.60 

 Christmas Program – Our children’s Christmas Program will be held on Sunday, December 17 at 6:00pm.  All students will be participating.  Please arrive early as the parking lot fills quickly. 

Christmas Parties and Gift Exchange– Classroom Christmas parties will be held before the closing of school on Tuesday, December 19.  A grab bag gift exchange will be held in each classroom on that day.  Each boy is to bring a gift for a boy and each girl a gift for a girl.  We suggest a cost about $5.00. 

Christmas Gifts – In our effort to help others in need our students are asked to bring a gift to our Children’s Christmas Program on December 17.  The gift will be taken to Lutheran Child and Family Services to be given to foster children.  While it is not mandatory that all our student bring a gift, it is hoped that many will do so.  The students should bring a gift that they themselves would like to receive.  Lutheran Child and Family Services asks that the gift be unwrapped, so they can match the gift to the children appropriately. 

 Thanks to all the parents and students who helped with the basketball tournament we hosted last weekend:  Cassandra Mabrey and Erica and Antwanette Gates; Tamika Rankins and Nyla Dyer; Felicia Powell and Kai Clark; Joshua Robinson and Spencer Dunbar; Ebony and Sanaa Stigall; Ashley Spencer; Lorrie and Reggie Smith; Sharon Tegeler; Tanya Mitchell; Harry, Sonequa, and Ashley Strong; Valerie Ford; Shannon Bey; Cynthia Curry and Fallyn Buckner; Sheena Jones; Anousheu Alie; Debra McCaster; Eric Veal; Suzanna Thomas; Jaelen Anderson; Jason Carldwell, Natasha, Kennedy,  and Kaylin Hood; Jeffery and Katina Smith. 

Thanks also to all the parents who so generously donated food and supplies. 

Emergency School Closing Information… If it becomes necessary to close our school due to severe weather, parents can go to and search for our school by name.  Since there are 2 schools in Chicago named St. Paul, our school will be listed as St. Paul Lutheran School on Menard.  Parents may also listen to the radio or TV for school closing information.  TV channels 2, 5, 7, 9 and 32 should give periodic school closing information.  Experience has shown that WGN is the most reliable station for the daily listing of school closings.  You can also call the school office. 


Upcoming Events  

December 17     Children’s Christmas program 

December 18     Grade 7-8 BB games 

December 20    Christmas break begins 

January  3         Classes resume 

January 9          BB games vs. Pilgrim 

January 15         No classes; Dr. King’s birthday 

January 19         2nd marking period ends 

January 22        BB games vs. St. John’s 

January 25        Boys’ game vs. Grace 

January 26        PTL meeting at 6:30 

Candy sale begins 

January 28        Pancake breakfast PK – Sings in church 

Worship at St. Paul – Bible Class begins at 9:00 am and our worship service begins at 10:00 am.  Everyone is invited.  

School Payments – The following  late payment schedule will be followed. 

Tuition/Bus/Ext.CareDue on the 15th 

Late fee of $10.00 Applied on the 16th 

Late fee of $25.00 Applied on the 26th 

Child stays home  After the last day of the month 

Payments – If possible, please make tuition and other payments with checks or money order.  Your payments are easier for the office to track if payments in cash are avoided. 

Poinsettia Fundraiser - The Social Committee of St. Paul Lutheran Church would like to thank everyone in the St. Paul School and Church community who have purchased poinsettias.  We are so close to reaching our goal.  We still have poinsettias available for purchase. 

Coin Folders for LCCF are attached.  They will be collected at the Children’s Christmas Service on Sunday, December 17. The contributions will be sent to Lutheran Church Charities Fund, which helps fund children in need and families in crisis, as well as care for elderly adults. Please keep the coin folder in the envelope attached to the newsletter for collection. 

Parent Information Class – Our former pastor, Rev. Dr. Donald Gourley, will conduct classes for parents interested in learning more about Christianity and the Lutheran church.  The classes will be held from 9:00 – 9:45 AM on Sunday, December 10 and 17. 

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