Newsletter for October 2018


Upcoming Events

October 20th – Choir Concert
October 21st – Alumni BB Game at 1:00 PM
October 22nd – PK-Grade 4 sing in Church
October 25th – Universoul Circus Field Trip
October 27th – First marking period ends
October 28th – PTL Halloween Party
Nov 2nd & 3rd – Parent-Teacher Conferences (No classes)
November 7th – Grade 5-6 BB Games
November 8th – Grade 5-6 BB Games
November 12th – Grade 5-8 Sing in Church

Drink Up!   Drink a glass of water before you eat.  The water fills your stomach making you less likely to overeat.  Plus, some symptoms of dehydration may be causing your “hunger pains,” so drinking some water before you eat may eliminate those rumblings.

Servant/Leadership Requirement Community Service has now become Servant Leadership.  All students in grade 5th-8th are required to do a minimum of 5 hours of Servant Leadership activities around the school each year.  Examples of activities that could qualify are tasks like cleaning around the school, helping at games after school, and tutoring after school.  Parents of students who do not fulfill this requirement will be charged $5 per hour for each hour not worked.