DSC02310St. Paul Lutheran School is owned and operated by St. Paul Lutheran Church and governed and controlled by St. Paul Lutheran Congregation. As an educational arm of the church, St. Paul Lutheran School provides quality education with the goal that students develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically to their fullest potential. St. Paul Lutheran School cooperates with the church and home to instill in students Christian values, beliefs, and actions, so that they live meaningful, productive, Christ-filled lives.

St. Paul Lutheran School is staffed with qualified Christian teachers and approved by the State of Illinois and the Northern Illinois District, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.


St. Paul Lutheran School was begun in 1886 by the members of St. Paul Lutheran Church. They wanted to have a place to send their children where they could receive a good education in a Christian atmosphere. They also wanted to provide a mission outreach to families of the community.

St. Paul Lutheran School exists today for the same reasons. The school’s function is to work with parents in giving children a well-rounded education, in making them disciples of Jesus, and in teaching them how to live meaningful lives. The Lord has blessed our efforts for over 100 years. We feel confident that He will continue to do so.

St. Paul offers daily religion classes as well as classes in the traditional curricular areas. But Christian education is more than just having religion classes. It’s the Christ-centered attitude of the teachers, students, and parents that makes our school work. While they are at St. Paul, students know that their teachers and their classmates are working together to grow together.

Our school is not here simply to provide an alternative to the public schools in the area. We are here to serve the needs of the students and their families in a Christ-like fashion. We hope and pray that our efforts will help people form closer relationships with the Lord. We also hope that families of our students will be drawn into worship with us each Sunday. Many of our present church members initially came to our church as a result of our school. They felt the need to worship as a family and felt welcomed at our church, as well as our school. That is our wish, and our prayer, for you also.

Top 10 Reasons to attend St. Paul's School

10. Class of 2016 graduates scored 2.1 years ahead of national norms on standardized test scores.
9. St. Paul is fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation program.
8. The faculty averages 22 years of teaching experience.
7. St. Paul offers school bus service.
6. St. Paul offers extended care service beginning at 7 am and ending at 6 pm daily.
5. St. Paul provides a safe, Christian environment.
4. Tuition rates are affordable. Scholarships are available from Alumni Association Fund and CLEF.
3. Participation in fundraisers is not mandatory.
2. St. Paul offers a fine interscholastic sports program and music ministry.
1. St. Paul works with the family to educate the minds and nurture the souls of its students.


Engaging and fun, eSpark leads to accelerated growth in literacy

Students in Grades 1-4 will now be participating in the eSpark program and will use iPads to participate in interactive literacy activities for thirty minutes daily.  Learning is aligned to your child’s personal goals and tied to the Common Core Standards.

St. Paul is committed to providing your student with a personalized learning experience geared specifically to his or her needs. We are pleased to partner with Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation again this year to bring eSpark into our classrooms. 


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Our Sponsors


St. Paul Lutheran School is supported by the Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation (CLEF).  CLEF has been very generous to all of the Lutheran schools in Chicago by funding such things as scholarship assistance, technology, professional development, educational materials, and building maintenance.  We are grateful to them for their support.